VERDENSRUM IV, Japan: Landscape/Portrait



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Travel notes. Kôyasan, Japan april 2012

”... The Okuno-in cemetery, Kôyasan mountain and the surrounds left a lasting impression on me. The 800-year-old, super tall cedars; the rice paper lamps, that glowed in the dark; the water tanks, we washed our hands and mouths in as we moved gradually closer to the sacred areas; and finally Kobo Daishis’ resting place behind a screen with cedars in the background and guilded lotus leaves in the foreground. Very atmospheric ... The rice paper-covered sliding doors shimmered with a mysterious light that had no obvious source and no breeze to explain the shimmering. The entire scene filled me with peace - almost like a foretaste of the "Ryôkai " that was maybe waiting...”

VERDENSRUM IV, Japan: Landscape/Portrait is inspired by a Japanese mandala ritual practiced by the monks of the Kōyasan mountains and the characteristic Japanese landscapes associated with the ritual. Furthermore it draws on the power filled Japanese form of expressive dance – butoh - and the sound of the shakuhachi flute.


The physical arrangement of this performative work is reminiscent of the tableaux found in Japanese temples. It consists of three parallel 3D-projections, which variously alternate and play together, contrasted by butoh of Kinya Tsuruyama and Sayoko Onishi.

Supported by: The Danish Art Foundation, Aarhus Art Council, The EU Japan Fest Committee, SITNI SATI and THINKBOX and CAVI, Center of Advanced Visualization and Interaction, University of Aarhus.


Film sequence

Description (English)

 Description (Danish) 

Part I exhibited in A trans C/O Zweigstelle, Berlin, DE, 2014, curated by Isolde Nagel




A trans


6th Month of Photography


Baunetzwoche#388 20. November 2014


..."Eine 3D-Installation aus vier Elementen? Klingt etwas kompliziert, ist aber ziemlich spannend: Birgit Kjærsgaard möchte mittels Foto, Film, Sound und Geruch auf eine Pilgerreise durch die japanische Berglandschaft Koya-san, unweit der Millionenstadt Osaka, entführen. Diese Transformation eines Ortes in seine Bestandteile ist in der Ausstellung in der Berliner Plattform A TRANS – kuratiert von Frank Wagner - zu sehen und zu riechen.  Die Dänischen Architektin und Künstlerin, die seit Jahren zur Rezeption kultureller Zeichensysteme und der Metaphorik von Weltkulturen forscht, kreiert sowohl mit realistischen Abbildungen als auch mit abstrakten Bildern einen japanischen Raum mitten in Berlin. Zu sehen bis zum 20. Dezember 2014 in der Zweigstelle Berlin."...

Photos. Research Japan

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VERDENSRUM IV, Japan: Landscape/Portrait

A visual performance with 3D-projections, 3D-sound and butoh performed by Kinya Tsuruyama and  Sayoko Onishi.


Premiere at Open Stage, Aarhus 6th December 2017 within the program of AARHUS 2017

and within The Japanese Embassy in Denmarks program  for the celebration of the 150-years anniversary for Japanese/Danish diplomatic relations 


 Opening in Architektur Gallerie Berlin, Satellit 12th January 2018


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