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Research for VERDENSRUM IV, Japan: Landscape/Portrait in Japan, 2012


Glimpses from my research journey to Japan, where I studied an esoteric Buddhist ritual. I stayed in temples in the Kôyasan Mountains, south of Osaka, where the ritual is practised by the monks. Furthermore I walked the pilgrimage routes in the Yoshino and Kumano mountains  and visited the temples along these routes. These mountains are associated with the ritual.


Travel Notes from Kōyasan , April 2012."

The first night in Kōyasan, I went on a guided tour of the Okuno-in cemetery, one of Japan's mostsacred places. I had read a lot about both the cemetery and Koyasan mountains and the meeting with allof it made a strong impression on me. The 800 years old , mega tall cedars, the rice paper lamps thatglowed in the dark , the water tanks, we washed our hands and mouth in gradually as we moved furtherand further into the dedicated areas - and finally Kobo Daishis resting place behind a screen with cedarsin the background and gilded lotus leaves in the foreground. Very atmospheric . When I got back to the temple in the icy evening the children were sleeping peacefully in their futons in the dimly lit room. Therice paper-covered sliding doors shimmered with a light, I did not quite understand, where came from,since there was no wind, that moved or anything else, that could lead to its presence. The entire scenefilled me with peace - almost like a foretaste of the" Ryôkai " that was maybe waiting ... The next morning we took part in the morning ritual. Later followed an ascetic meal of miso soup, rice, driedseaweed, mushrooms and various not identifiable …

Birgit Kjærsgaard


The research was supported by The Danish Art Foundation.


Mandala set-ups in Japanese temples. research for VERDENSRUM VI, Japan: Landscape/Portrait


Research for VERDENSRUM III, India: Mandala/Metropolis 2008

VERDENSRUM III, India: Mandala/Metropolis is a meditation on golden mandalas and modern cityscapes, accompanied by the sound of tablas. In the beginning one sees the universe. A star (dot) becomes a Buddhist mandala. The mandala figure turns and on its top a city (a New York icon) rises. The city turns and a Hinduist mandala appears. One enters the mandala and its patterns start to change - becoming more and more complex as one gets closer to the center of the mandala. The film turns and one is slowly brought out of the mandala. By the end the mandala figure crumples and disappears.

​Birgit Kjærsgaard


Above studies on Buddhist and Hinduist mandalas, New York City and golden colors of India for VERDENSRUM III, India: Mandala/Metropolis. 


The research was supported by The Danish Art Foundation.


Research for VERDENSRUM II, China: Lattice/Mist in Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, 2004

VERDENSRUM II, China : Lattice/Mist is a meditation on red Chinese characters and yellow, geometric lattice with temple-gong music. Initially one sees some Chinese characters. They develop into patterns and a cylinder getting closer. Suddenly the beholder is inside the cylinder. Patterns change and become more complex, until the movie turns backward, and one is slowly brought out of the cylinder and back to one of the Chinese characters, gradually disappearing in the mist.

​Birgit Kjærsgaard


Glimpses from my research journey to Thailand, Taiwan and Japan, where I studied Asian characters,  lattices, temples, Chinatownslandscapes, artificial fog etc.


The research was supported by The Danish Art Foundation.


Studies on Chinese lattices and characters for VERDENSRUM II, China: Lattice/Mist


Research for VERDENSRUM I, Arab: Mosaic/Rain in Morocco and Spain, 2004


VERDENSRUM I, Arab : Mosaic/Rain is a meditation on turkish, Arabic mosaics, accompanied by the sound of a drop. Initially one sees a “dot”. It develops into a geometric pattern and an octagon. The beholder enters the octagon. Patterns change and become more complex, until the film turns, and one is slowly brought out of the octagon and back to the “dot”, which transforms into a drop turning into rain.

​Birgit Kjærsgaard


Glimpses from my research journey to Morrocco and Spain, where I studied mosaics, fountains, riadsMedinas, Souks, the desert etc.


The research was supported by The Danish Art Foundation.


Studies on Arab geometries for VERDENSRUM I, Arab: Mosaic/Rain


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